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Al Sears, MD  Power for Healthy Living

Visit the website that’s igniting a revolution in medicine. See the unique approach to integrative anti-aging created by Al Sears MD that reverses heart disease, diabetes and obesity and transforms the lives of thousands from around the world. You can view over 300 of Dr. Sears health articles, access a comprehensive directory of integrative medicine doctors, get a complete glycemic index list and download a FREE copy of his popular “Youth Secrets” guidebook.

Andropause: Everything Andropause
Top Links and Resources for Men who want Relief from Andropause and Male Menopause Symptoms

Alternative Health Medicine -- The word “medicine” has existed for millennia and has described treatments or remedies for illnesses. The term “Health Medicine” was chosen to characterize a paradigm based primarily on wellness and prevention, and one that could also include a wide variety of therapies for treatment when needed. Featuring Dr. Len Saputo's new book A Return to Healing.

Alternative Therapies - In Health and Medicine. A peer-reviewed journal for practitioners -- integrating alternative therapies with conventional medicine. Archives of back issues of this new and very well edited journal. Well recommended read.

Barry Sears (The Zone) -we are strong advocates of the Zone Method of increasing protein levels.  Most of our patients feel more alert and sense the powerful hormonal effects that adequate protein levels provide. Our approach is to always combine these with essential oils EPA, DHA and GLA or what Barry calls the Eicosanoids.

Berkeley Heart Lab (BHL) - premiere lab in the country for sophisticated and complex evaluation of lipid (cholesterol and triglyceride) problems.  We use this lab and participate in their biannual conferences.

British Medical Journal - The British counterpart to the New England Journal. Conventional, and the voice of British Medicine, but given to wide ranging topics and investigations.

Cancer Answers -- is a short synopsis of all conditions cancer from  From the company's mission statement:

Answers is a dynamic, online media company. We offer consumers smart, innovative and enjoyable Answers to life’s questions based on the wisdom of crowds, the preference of friends and the advice of experts. Our properties include, 21 Questions, and ResellerRatings and many more.

CaP CURE -- CaP CURE was founded in 1993 with an urgent mission: identify and support prostate cancer research that will rapidly translate into treatments and cures. Together with survivors, scientists and advocates, CaP CURE has established a system that encourages collaboration, reduces bureaucracy and speeds the process of discovery.

Central Avenue Pharmacy - Our preferred source of quality compounded pharmaceuticals.  Superior Service from a "local" Pharmacist, not a large International Emporium.  Competitive and full-service always "with a smile."  Located in Pacific Grove, California, just adjacent to famous Monterey and Carmel.  Drop in and say hi to Dana Gordon, PharmD, owner and founder.

CERI: Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute - from the publishers of Smart Drugs News - Steven Fowkes, Ward Dean and John Morgenthaler.  This is the most comprehensive site of its kind and the publishers are  This was a must see. Unfortuately, now past history.

College Pharmacy - the "other" pharmacy which we highly recommend for its consistent quality of service and novel offerings, especially in various hormonal preparations. By their own reckoning: "we are one of the oldest and largest compounding pharmacies in the country. Our compounding heritage began over 90 years ago on the same street corner in Colorado Springs we occupy today".

CyberHealth -This was a highly recommended "list" which is now being archived here at our website.  Offers an in-depth and most provocative look at female hormonal issues.  Ivy Greenwell is a thorough and tireless editor. She is author of Hormones Without Fear (only available from College Pharmacy).  We are honored and pleased to be able to offer the complete archived set CyberHealth online.

Glucosamine and Arthritis Center - Glucosamine has been studied for well over 40 years in humans and it has been used in prized thoroughbred horses, cats, dogs and even exotic animals. When it comes to safety, some clinical studies have reported more side effects in a sugar pilled placebo than with Glucosamine! Remember, Glucosamine is found naturally in the body and is a natural nutraceutical. According to the Institute of Medicine and National Academies, “in Europe in approximately 1960, physicians introduced the use of glucosamine sulfate as an injectable therapeutic agent in the treatment of osteoarthritis.”

HeartScan - website for National network of non-invasive, accurate method of determining risk of coronary artery disease by grading the degree of calcification.  Highly recommended because this can be either patient directed or physician directed, it is non-invasive, it is accurate and, most important, does not eventuate in an aggressive and intimidating decision.  You decide, along with your physician what course of action to take. This does not rush patients into unnecessary angioplasty or coronary artery bypasses unless you decide.  We are finding this an important diagnostic tool that allows our patient the choice of conventional or alternative therapies.

Huffington Post -- our blogs posted at regular intervals.

Jan Marini Skin Research - we are pleased and excited to offer this line of highest quality physician-only dispensed skin care products.  We feel strongly that these are the best researched and highest quality skin care products on the market today.  Jan Marini has positioned her company on the very leading edge of skin care research based on true in-vitro human cell testing and utilizing the most innovative concepts we have found.   Our patients have been exceptionally pleased with the results of using these products.

Journal of the AMA (JAMA) - Source of leading research articles. An important site. By their own admission, huge pent up demand for more articles on CAM medicine.

Longevity Research Center: Ray Sahelian, MD, Medical director. Excellent site for up-to-date reports of commonly used anti-aging hormones such as DHEA and Pregnenolone.  Dr. Sahelian is a careful, although rather cautious and meticulous reporter, author of the Longevity Research Update Newsletter and several quite readable monographs on various hormones of public interest. While we do not agree with some of his recommendations, it is a topical and up to date resource. All our patients are encouraged to seek out all viewpoints.

MEDLINE - free access to the National Library of Medicine (NLM), public health-related database. This is the most comprehensive library search available to you because you are directly accessing the National Institute of Health Medical Library.

The Moss Reports (CancerDecisions) - Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed science writer who has spent more than twenty years investigating and writing about cancer issues. Formerly the assistant director of public affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Articulate, reasoned, and exceptionally well-informed and researched, Dr. Moss is the author of such groundbreaking books as Cancer Therapy, Questioning Chemotherapy, and The Cancer Industry, as well as the award-winning PBS documentary The Cancer War. He is presently scientific advisor to the Rosenthal Center of Columbia University and the University of Texas School of Public Health. Highly recommended reading.

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) - premiere American journal for original articles and reviews. This site has recently been upgraded so that subscribers to the print edition can now fully retrieve all text and graphics from any issue dating back to 1993. They are stored and downloaded in adobe PDF format so as to preserve the exact formatting of the original.  You can now through away all those back issues that are cluttering up your bookshelves. A good reason to subscribe for all serious professionals if you are not already subscribing. Still considered one of the premiere sources for medical journal publishing as well as editorials which are *usually* quite well balanced and reasonable.

Organic Kava Kava -- Kona Kava's Estate Farm is nestled on the fertile volcanic slopes of Kona's Hualalai Mountain. Growing conditions for Kava Kava are ideal on the Kona Coast, climatic conditions and micro nutrient rich soil are famous for producing Hawaii's most sought after Kona coffee. Kona Kava Farm's premier Awa Kava crop has thrived in this spectacular location.

Orange County Cosmetic Surgery
Orange County Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in Cosmetic
and Reconstructive Surgery. Highly experienced with friendly staff and
are own surgery center. Financing is available.

The Alchemind Society - The International Association for Cognitive Liberties.  Not an advocacy site, but an informational site on laws affecting various cognitive enhancement agents, as well as more controversial and traditional agents.  The Board of Directors are well selected and a most erudite group. Recommended for mature minds and true seekers.

The Futurist Bookstore - books, videos and other products from the World Future Society.  We include this site because of the importance of future projections of demographic and economic shifts in world populations and its impact on the health and welfare of not only the United States but other nations as well.  Exceptional site and highly recommended reading.

T-Gone tinnitus treatment remedies - Tinnitus, which is often referred to as a ringing in the ears, derives from the latin tinntus, from the past participle of tinnre, to ringTinnitus is not a modern condition although tinnitus is certainly becoming far more prevalent in the noisy, stress filled lives many people are now forced to live. Tinnitus most often occurs as a result of an event or situation that has taken place. It results from something else happening that is the root cause.

Thermography - With the latest Teletherm infrared thermal imager, it is very easy to evaluate the activities associated with heat emissions from a subject. This is an extremely important imaging process. It is an objective, non-invasive physiological test.

Tools for Wellness - Billed as "The World's Largest Resource for Self-Improvement Technologies and Alternative Healthcare Products."  This site offers you a rich array of stress reduction and consciousness modulating tools found no where else.  A well constructed site -- it is well worth your read.  We give it high marks.

Zone Diet Recipes and so much more! Lose weight and feel great at FormulaZone! With hundreds of Zone Diet Recipes, Menu Planners, a Discussion Forum, Recipe Tools, and other excellent resources to help you stay in the Zone!

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