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trans-d tropin plus

TDT Tropin Plus(tm)

TDT Tropin Plus is a reformulation of one of the most innovative growth hormone stimulators known. Only offered through a very select group of dispensing anti-aging physicians, it is a transdermal cream applied to the skin. 

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Use of the Product 

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What is this product? 

trans-d tropin pathways shows how hypothalamus stimulation causes the pituitary to secrete your own growth hormone.


Original Clinical Studies

trans-d tropin study proving true growth hormone stimulation, not just IGF-1
figure 1

[Those few readers interested in a more advanced, but complex understanding of IGF-1 monitoring values will be referred to an upcoming report.] 

We have used this product extensively in trained athletes and those who are engaged in rigorous and regimented athletic fitness programs.  Weight lifters, in particular, have greatly benefited from this product with results seen in the first 2-3 days.

Quoting from the original study conducted by Drs. Buttar and Viktora:

Overall athletic improvements (after initial 84 hours of use) were graphed out:

trans-d tropin graph showing overall changes in athletic performance in Males and Females over the first 84 hours
figure 2


Please read our QuickStep Instructions before you call us to purchase this product. 

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