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I have been a patient of Dr. Miller's for almost ten years. Thanks to his extensive blood tests, exquisite attention to detail,  very sound advice, and excellent connections with other specialists in the area, I am alive today.  I first went to see him when surgery and radiation left me so debilitated I thought I would have to retire.  That was just the beginning.  

He has seen me through three other cancer diagnoses,  and a heart ablation.  What is absolutely amazing is his ability to find things that others miss.  When blood tests reveal anomalies, he is relentless in finding their causes.  

Despite all of my health issues, I am working full time, have a great quality of life, and looking forward to many more active years. He gave me back my life and I will be forever in his debt.

-- Nancy R.

I have been a patient of Dr. Miller's for about seven years.  I was so impressed with Dr. Miller that I started taking my husband to him also.  I wanted a doctor that keeps me well and full of vitality.  I also wanted a doctor that keeps current with the latest advances in anti-aging medicine.  Dr. Miller does both of those things.  Dr. Miller is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the American College for the Advancement in Medicine as well as other medical associations.  I frequently attend medical conferences and health association meetings such as the Orthomolecular Medical Conference in San Francisco or the Silicon Valley Health Institute meetings in Palo Alto, and I will see Dr. Miller there.  

I like a doctor that is staying current with the new developments.  Since Dr. Miller graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Biochemistry, he is especially well qualified to understand the complex biochemical pathways of the human body.  

I have taken upon myself to become a knowledgeable lay person in anti-aging medicine, and one of the things I like most about Dr. Miller is that he is usually a year or two ahead of what I will read or learn about as the "latest development" in anti-aging medicine.  I also like the fact that he treats both my husband and myself as if we have the intellect to understand complex medical subjects.  

Many of my friends who are active in the Silicon Valley Health Institute also see Dr. Miller.  Dr. Miller does extensive blood panel testing, and he spends lots of time with you going over the results.  His recommendations for improving health are balanced and he leaves you with written notes so you can reference the notes after your appointment.  

Dr. Miller is a great partner in achieving health and vitality.

-- Barry W.

The California Age Management Institute (LGLI) has so improved the qualify of my life that I feel I must share.  I have experienced debilitating migraines for years and then started to suffer from other medical conditions after the death of my son.  Conventional medical doctors, even "migraine specialists," were unable to provide any helpful care or guidance.  In fact, after years of trying different doctors and specialist, Dr. Miller at the LGLI was the first doctor to correctly diagnose my migraines for what they were (a seizure disorder) and put me on a supplement and medication treatment that allowed me to carry out my daily routine and keep my job!  I am not being melodramatic here; I actually was having up to 5 episodes a week, was in fear of loosing my job and any quality of life.  

Dr. Miller patiently took the time to analyze all aspects of my specific circumstances (blood work and other assessments), and continues to tweak the supplement/medication routine to achieve optimum functionality for me.  Thanks to Dr. Miller, my dire and bleak situation has changed to one of functionality and hope (and no pain).  Yes, it is costly, and sometimes I have to delay appointments to have enough money to cover the expense.  However, I can tell you from personal experience that it is worth it because if you do not have your health, nothing else matters.  Furthermore, after going from one Doctor to the next trying to find answers to my severe problems, Dr. Miller was the first Doctor to arrive at the correct diagnosis and come up with a viable and effective treatment plan.  ... Dr. Miller is a gifted and intuitive doctor who uses every available means to improve the qualify of life for his patients.

I highly encourage anyone with severe health issues, or anyone who just values their state of health, to visit the California Age Management Institute and experience the benefits themselves.

Oh, by the way, Dr. Miller appears to incorporate things in his treatment plans about ten years before they become mainstream "health protocol."  So if you want to be on the cutting edge of health, or have exhausted other avenues, I encourage you to give him a try.

-- L.B.

. My husband and I started seeing Dr. Miller about five years ago.  We knew exactly what the prices were when we made our appointments. He does have three different treatment options and all were spelled out up front. It may not be affordable for everyone, but the way I look at it is.. how can one put a price tag on health?  

Dr. Miller is one of the few physicians (true M.D.'s) who integrate both eastern and western philosophy into his practice.  Preventative medicine is really important, but if I were to get a serious diagnosis, Dr. Miller would be my portal to the world of treatment possibilities.  

Dr. Miller's resume is extremely impressive, and he is stays current with all therapies.  

... We have referred family members and friends with endocrine issues, heart problems, and one who had cancer...all of which has had success following his treatment plan.  Expensive? Depends on whose asking.  Worth it? You bet!

-- Kathleen T.

I became ill about 2 years ago and was taken to our local hospital in Sacramento.  After 4 days in ICU I was sent home with some medicine for a cough.  I stayed in bed for several days with a terrible cough & no energy at all.  I then went to Sutter Hospital in Roseville for further testing.  I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation & fluid on my lungs. I found out that I needed open heart surgery to replace my mitral valve which was part of the problem & the reason for my atrial fibrillation. I saw 3 different cardiologists looking for help but the general consensus was that I was 82 yrs. old & I would not be able to survive an open heart surgery. I was also told I would have to remain on Coumadin for the rest of my life as well as a list of other medicines for congestive heart failure. 

My daughter lives in the bay area & brought me to see Dr. Philip Miller. Dr. Miller questioned the various doctors on my behalf regarding my medical problems. He referred me to Dr. Vincent Gaudiani a heart surgeon at Sequoia Hospital.  Dr. Gaudiani said I absolutely could survive a mitral valve replacement & the sooner the better.  I went in for my surgery with Dr. Gaudiani & the surgery was a success.  Dr. Miller has helped to achieve a full recovery with a healthy diet, vitamins  fast walking twice a day & no more Coumadin & all the other pills I had to take for my heart.  I'm 84  yrs old now & still here & feeling very well thanks to Dr. Miller.

-- Janet M.

... Dr. Miller has been seeing my wife, mother, brother in law, and myself for five years. All transactions have been transparent and not anymore expensive than someone would expect for someone with Dr. Millers knowledge. He has been life changing in all our cases and life saving in my mom's. I recommend him to all who have medical needs. He is the perfect balance of natural and modern medicine. Trusting any Doctor is very difficult for me, but in the last five years Dr. Miller has earned my total trust.

I feel 20 years younger than I am and it's all because of Dr. Miller's guidance.

-- Randy T.

I found Dr. Miller after an exhaustive search for a specialist with bio identical hormone replacement.  It started almost 10 yrs. ago when I began having severe menopausal symptoms of anxiety & depression.  I could tolerate  the hot flashes but they did disturb my sleep.  I went to my internist who put me on Paxil & a sedative.  I felt better temporarily but knew this was a band-aid  not a long term fix.  I began reading everything I could find about bio identical hormone replacement since the option of Premarin or Prempro offered by most gynecologists at that time was not for me.  

There is breast cancer on both sides of my family so I didn't want to risk it.  Bio identical meaning what the body produces naturally sounded like a much healthier choice.  Unfortunately at that time, there were very few physicians with knowledge & experience with bio identical hormone replacement.  

I found an m.d. in Santa Monica in the office of Dr. Hall whom I'd read about.  I was given compounded estrogen & progesterone.  My symptoms got worse. The doctor adjusted the estrogen to a higher dose & I could barely function.  As I later learned finding the right dosage for estrogen & progesterone is not easy, too much estrogen or progesterone will give the same horrible symptoms as too little.  

I then went to see an m.d. in Beverly Hills, Dr. Reiss.  At last I got the right dosage for me after Dr. Reiss performed a blood test to measure my hormone levels along with the knowledge of what the previous doctor had prescribed.  After a year or so, I developed an allergy to the estrogen cream & would get a rash at the application sites.  Dr.Reiss didn't have another option for me to get my estrogen other than the cream he compounded in his office.  I knew I had to continue with my hormone replacement or be a mess again.  

Then I found Dr. Philip Lee Miller of the California Age Management Institute.  My consult with Dr. Miller was followed by a trip to the lab for the most in depth blood work I'd ever had.  I'd learned that Dr. Miller  had been an emergency room physician for many years & had taken a strong interest in age related decline.  Some things that bring people into the ER such as strokes & heart attacks stirred his interest in this area.  Not only have I gotten my hormones in check (finally & no rashes)  I have learned, with Dr. Millers' explanation, what all of those numbers mean on the lab report & have clear direction on what I need to do stay healthy & keep the problems that can occur with aging at bay.  

Dr. Miller has tweaked my diet & vitamin supplementation to help ward off  my genetic setup for type 2 diabetes.  At 58 yrs. old I feel great!  With lab work & a visit to Dr. Miller every 6 mos. I know that  I'm getting the best care.  

Dr. Miller has also helped my mother.  She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure & needed a mitral valve replacement 3 yrs. ago.  Shes's doing extremely well thanks to Dr. Miller.  He was very instrumental in saving her life.  This is a doctor of superior knowledge & a caring spirit.  I recommend Dr. Miller to anyone & everyone.

-- Robin. W.

I went to see Dr. Miller after my wife had been to see him and showed a marked improvement under his care. In 2003, I was having a number of health issues and he addressed each one looking at the whole of my lifestyle and needs. With his ongoing guidance I managed to improve my energy level, quality of life and overall health. After a 2007 auto accident which left me with debilitating headaches, neck and back pain, and cognitive fuzziness, he willingly worked with all other health care providers with whom I was engaged, During the long process of healing, I developed some dietary issues including gluten and lactose intolerance.

It is Dr. Miller attention to detail and ongoing analysis of my blood chemistry that helped him determine the prognosis. I have been gluten free for two years now and it has again made a significant difference in my overall well being. Dr. Miller is a consummate professional and his extensive experience in endocrinology has been the foundation for an understanding of how all the body systems interact. I unequivocally recommend him.

-- Art F.

I've been a patient of Dr. Miller's since about the year 2000. He's helped me regain a level of health I had forgotten was even possible, and he's one of the pioneering anti-aging physicians who used data to treat chronic diseases of aging. I'm honestly younger now at 39 than I was at age 23, and my hormones are working better now.

My parents are patients of Dr. Miller's, and he helped to save my father's life when he had a heart attack. My wife saw him before we got pregnant - and we have a book about fertility health coming out soon.

Dr. Miller is also an advisor to Silicon Valley Health Institute, a non-profit Anti-Aging education group I run. He has spent hundreds of hours of his own time helping the community - for free - by sharing his knowledge.

Seriously - Dr. Miller is one of the rare doctors who uses quantitative lab work (not "vibrations" or other stuff) in combination with clinical experience to work miracles. I do not say this lightly; I run a top health and wellness blog and podcast and I insist on the very best for myself and my family. That's why Dr. Miller is one of the physicians I trust to help me do - and be - more than I thought was possible.

Dr. Miller takes a minimum of one hour to spend with you. He will listen to you in a way no "5 minutes per patient" doctor ever could. He also takes on chronically ill and difficult to treat people. In my own non-profit work, I deal with these populations too, with brains so addled by illness that it's hard to think clearly, and emotions run the rollercoaster when you're in that state. 

Some of the reviews here are clearly from people who have this happening - chronic anger at all "white coats" who ever failed them. Sophie actually calls him "Dr. Phillips" and makes some pretty wild statements that simply aren't true if you've been in Dr. Miller's office, like I have dozens of times.

-- Dave A.

I have been a patient of Dr. Miller's for about 10 years.  I first visited the office because I was having difficult and sometimes debilitating  symptoms associated with menopause.  Before my first appointment I filled out an extensive health history and had extremely detailed blood work done.  Because of this, Dr. Miller was thoroughly prepared for my initial visit.  He explained  the results of my blood work in great depth, proposed a plan of medication and supplements, and encouraged me that he would work with me to achieve my health goals.  

I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of the body's biochemical pathways, his open mindedness, and the respect with which he addressed my problems.  He is always familiar with the latest advances in medicine, long before such things become mainstream knowledge.  He strives to help patients achieve and maintain optimum health throughout life and avoid potential age-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Today I enjoy good health that I attribute to Dr. Miller's care.  I have great respect and trust for his treatment and opinions.  I always consult him before any other medical treatment to help me in deciding the best course of treatment.  He is an integral part of my health care and the best investment I have made for my health!

-- Debra K.