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CyberHealth Index

Women’s health: hormonal changes and the Menopause — Expanded Index

June 1997 – June 1998

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First, the good news is that, according to my recent email, my book HORMONES WITHOUT FEAR can still be ordered
from Madison-Bajamar, 800-255-8025. You may have to be patient with a new employee who doesn’t have all the information yet. Be assured that the book is
available. If you have any trouble ordering, ask to speak with a senior employee. The price is still the same: $19.95 including shipping. To those of
you who have inquired about my book on male NHRT: if you are still interested, please contact me via email.

Finally, I have been asked to provide an index to CyberHealth. While I would love to provide an alphabetical
index, it’s too time-consuming to prepare without special software. I hope that simply listing the contents of CyberHealth issues up to now will be helpful to
those of you who’d like to order back issues. Don’t be shy—you’re welcome to order as many as you like.

[Electronic note: the index has now being upgraded to include all issues. It has been a distinct pleasure reading, re-reading and lightly editing all issues for the Archived version. I consider this a highly
valuable resource of immense relevance, interest and humor. — Philip Lee Miller, MD archives editor]

CyberHealth #1, JUNE 1997

  1. Factors associated with early vs late menopause
  2. Do estrogens differentiate breast tissue?
  3. Is menopause a euphemism?
  4. Isn’t it time?
  5. Breast surgery reduces breast cancer risk
  6. Thyroid disease and breast cancer
  7. Does sugar accelerate aging?
  8. How to keep your blood sugar and insulin in the healthy low range The beauty corner: pectoral squeeze: better than the WonderBra?
  9. Q&A: Ginkgo, lycopene
  10. Care of the Soul: Gail Sheehy on birthing the new self

CyberHealth #2, JULY 1997

  1. PEPI results on weight gain
  2. Alcohol and insulin
  3. Butt atrophy (male)
  4. Less known symptoms of hypothyroidism
  5. Contraceptive regimen eliminates perimenstrual migraines
  6. In defense of Dr. Robert Wilson
  7. Xylitol chewing gum inhibits tooth decay
  8. Luscious lips
  9. Care of the soul: H.D.’s vision of the goddess

CyberHealth #3, September 1997

  1. Hormones and sun tan
  2. Why does melatonin produce weird dreams?
  3. Is obesity a breast cancer risk?
  4. Obesity and prostate cancer
  5. The wizened old crone syndrome
  6. European HRT dosages
  7. Why do some women do OK without HRT?
  8. Fat without fear: those fabulous monos
  9. Don’t over-restrict your carbohydrates in the evening
  10. Undrooping those eyelids
  11. Care of the Soul: Revisioning Lot’s wife

CyberHealth WEEKLY #1, October
20, 1997

  1. Body fat, exercise, estrone, and Dr. Susan Love (long)
  2. Rice could be better for you than wheat
  3. Great Quotations: Dr. Whitaker on a woman’s best years

CyberHealth WEEKLY #2,October 27, 1997

  1. Can exercise preserve youthful metabolic rate?
  2. Bone mineral content and body fat vs muscle mass
  3. Obesity and muscle development
  4. Wheat and behavioral problems
  5. P.S. on European estrogen dosages
  6. Great quotations: Picasso on youth

CyberHealth WEEKLY #3, November 3 1997

  1. Programmed cell death in bone tissue after estrogen
  2. A quick P.S. on weight training
  3. Paradoxes, paradoxes: hormones and aging
  4. Dr. Zava on phytic acid
  5. Great Quotations: self-care as an act of love

WEEKLY #4, November 10 1997

  1. A P.S. on osteocyte loss after estrogen withdrawal
  2. Factors for early and late menopause revisited
  3. Is the decline in DHEA related to menopause?
  4. Why chocolate is a health food
  5. Nutrition according to blood types?
  6. Great Quotations: Sonya Friedman on childhood and adulthood

17 1997

  1. Killer bras, celibacy, and other breast cancer risks
  2. Low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet lowers testosterone
  3. Half an onion a day keeps the doctor away
  4. A warning about licorice
  5. A reader’s advice on chocolate chips
  6. Sonya Friedman on leading the life you want

CyberHealth WEEKLY #6, November
24, 1997

  1. Premature graying of hair: a biomarker for osteoporosis
  2. Dr. Vangor on social clues, hormones, maturation
  3. Modified citrus pectin—what sex’s got to do with it?
  4. More on the stunning healing properties of onion
  5. Care of the soul: Rilke on not fearing anything

CyberHealth #7, December 7, 1997

  1. A quick follow-up on hair graying and osteoporosis
  2. An exercise to increase spinal bone density
  3. 2.5 mg tri-est is not enough for bone, heart
  4. How DHEA protects bone
  5. Another warning on licorice
  6. Must we choose between brain fog and sore breasts?
  7. Lymphatic breast massage
  8. Tips on aborting colds
  9. A miracle on PBS: Dr. Willet warns against margarine, promotes olive oil
  10. A tip for the chocolate-deficient but fat-phobic
  11. Revisioning Eve

CyberHealth #8, January 6 1998

  1. More on DHEA’s prevention of osteoporosis
  2. From CH readers: hormones and the brain
  3. More on breast feeding and lymphatic breast massage
  4. “If all bread left the face of the earth”
  5. Can olive oil help keep you slender?
  6. One woman overcomes fat phobia
  7. Greed as a substitute for love and meaning

CyberHealth #9, January 21 1998

  1. Estriol cream combats wrinkles
  2. More on DHEA’s androgenic effects on the skin
  3. Choosing your NHRT doctor; “the Great Switch”
  4. Feeding your face
  5. The Mona Lisa exercise will keep you smiling
  6. Care of the Soul: Doing good and feeling good

CyberHealth 10, February 17, 1998

  1. Male pattern baldness: is that like Alzheimer’s?
    Hormonal and vascular
  2. mysteries of hair growth and hair loss
  3. Demodex: the real culprit?
  4. Is a bald spot a biomarker for prostate cancer risk?
  5. European use of progesterone cream to arrest androgenic hair loss
  6. Are bald men more sexy? Dr. Peter Proctor helps slay another myth
  7. Zinc, copper and hair color
  8. Attitudes toward menopause: denial or relief?
  9. Networking in progress: seeking a Brazilian M.D.
  10. Feeding the roots
  11. “My lips are sealed”: a discreet lip-developing exercise
  12. Care of the soul: More about Eve

CyberHealth 11, March 1998

  1. HRT lessens voice virilization after menopause
  2. Men’s voices and “andropause”
  3. Estrogens, androgens and hair: readers’ experiences
  4. Phytoestrogens decrease DHT production
  5. T cream: a reader’s experience
  6. T cream may not work well if you’re hypoestrogenic and/or hypothyroid
  7. Networking works! 7 Brazilian MDs found
  8. Bloated no more: how to eliminate abdominal distention
  9. Care of the Soul: The rejuvenating effect of having a goal; More on

CyberHealth 12, April 1998

  1. Dr. Zava: what levels of progesterone are protective?
  2. Dr. Zava on herbal anti-progestins, soy toxicity
  3. Monica Smith on her experience with different forms of progesterone
  4. Activated Charcoal: a reader’s report
  5. Bloated No More Part II
  6. Care of the soul: thoughts on Mother Theresa and the divine in each person

CyberHealth 13, May 1998

  1. Dr. Zava on the action of genistein and estriol in the presence of
  2. The puzzle of Dong Quai and breast cysts
  3. A reader’s report on Progesterone cream, soy, seaweed
  4. When experts disagree on hormones, diet: the case of Ray Peat
  5. Effective facial exercise: Dr. Vangor’s dark secret
  6. Can a man be a woman’s supportive angel?

CyberHealth 14, June 1998

  1. What makes women fatter: HRT or hormone deficiencies?
  2. PEPI results on weight gain
  3. Chubbiness versus chest hair: DHEA and weight loss
  4. “Hugging the Horse”: a Taoist weight-loss exercise
  5. The Underworld Goddess: a dialogue with Dr. Miriam Robbins Dexter, Part I

CyberHealth 15, August 1998

  1. More bone mysteries: estrogens for men and women
  2. Food and mood: raising serotonin without getting fat
  3. Care of the Soul: The Underworld Goddess, Part II

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