Treating Low Testosterone

Treating Low Testosterone

Treating Low Testosterone

andropause is low testosterone experienced as loss of vitality and youth

Treating low testosterone resolves Andropause.   Like menopause in women, low testosterone levels cause similar symptoms and complaints.   It is middle-age declining levels of testosterone.  You experience it as low T typically in your mid 50’s. Your low testosterone condition can be treated and resolved with bio identical testosterone replacement therapy.

Our approach has always been more structured and comprehensive.   We take the long view.   That is a total assessment of all your hormones.  To give you a visual snapshot of your current hormonal balance.   This is goal of all our programs — to re-establish youthful hormonal BALANCE.    It is a delicate interplay between all hormones.

Comprehensive Evaluation is Essential

We spend the requisite time fully testing all aspects of your health with a comprehensive chemistry and hormonal blood panel. You deserve and need more than simple total testosterone levels.  For a richer and more complete picture you need:

  • Sex hormones (estrogens progesterone, testosterones)
  • PSA
  • Hematology for red blood cell count
  • Thyroid
  • Cortisol
  • Cardio vascular risk factors

This illustrates why simply assaying and following total testosterone levels is too simplistic.

We look at 7 biomarkers of androgenic testosterone replacement efficacy:

  • Hematocrit for red blood cell mass
  • LH – pituitary feedback
  • FSH – pituitary feedback
  • Total testosterone
  • Free testosterone
  • Bioavailable testosterone
  • DHT  (dihydrotestosterone) is the essentially active metabolite.  This is what you feel and experience

Balanced Hormonal Approach

Figure 1 is a pictorial representation of your hormonal hierarchy and cascade on top of a nutritional and lifestyle foundation.   It forms the starting point of our time-tested and structured Premiere Anti Aging, Longevity and Rejuvenation Plans as well as our more focused programs.

testosterone hormone balance and rejuvenation
figure 1

You can refer back to our more expansive discussion of testosterone therapy on a separate page.   These programs offer men (and women) the potential for reversing the aging clock.   What does that mean for me?   It offers you the possibility of regaining youthful vigor, stamina, muscle tone, skin rejuvenation.  And increased sense of well being and renewed purpose.

As with all programs, the greatest rejuvenating benefits derive from a balanced, carefully administered combination of bio identical hormone replacement therapy, and where appropriate, thyroid replacement, that is specifically tailored to your biochemistry.  It all starts with a call to us.

The Next Step – Testosterone Therapy

“I think I am ready.”    “I am suffering from low testosterone.”    That is the first and most important step.   “It’s my choice”   So many have told us, “I don’t know why I waited so long to start therapy. It has changed my life”

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