Focused Plans

Focused Plans

Focused plans are problem-specific.   When you have defined problems.   You have been searching for answers or solutions not solved or even recognized by conventional medical specialists or generalists.

Where a full Anti-Aging program is 4-5 hours for your first visit, a focused plan starts with a full 2 hours for your first visit and one hour for all follow-up visits.  We take the time to find root causes and treat functionally  and physiologically.

In the rush and demands of today’s medical environment, the emphasis is on high patient flow.  High volume medicine processing 40-50 patients daily in a single office.

We offer a more relaxed high touch low volume approach never seeing more than 5-6 patients daily.   So you are given time and expertise.   Time to solve your problems.  Time to fully discuss all your questions.

You always leave with a full set of instantly dictated and typed note set for review and more comprehensible understanding.

We give you time, expertise and attention.

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